Go for a family walk

When the weather is nice a good family walk lifts everyone’s spirits. Our family moto is there is not bad weather just bad clothing. I was raised in Michigan where we went out for recess when temperatures were above zero! I also had a very active outside childhood. If you have young ones like us, that are in a stroller make sure you bundle them up warmer then you. They are sitting and this makes them colder. Fresh air is good for all ages even babies. When its real cold we try to wear our babies so they get the body warmth from us. Check there feet and hands to make sure they are staying warm and happy.

So, head out on a walk today. Observe and document the changes in nature. Spring bring so many changes to our environment. Take pictures of the blooming flowers and trees. Come home and have kids write about what they saw, have them draw a picture of there favorite part of the walk.

If you have kids that need more activity then you can do right along with them teach them to “Circle back.” Have them walk or jog ahead of your to the next street, drive way, or telephone pole. Then have them turn around and jog back to you. We use this when some of the family wants to run and some are walking. This keeps everyone closer together and reaches everyone’s activity needs.

Here are the things that are blooming in our neighborhood. Do you have these trees and flowers blooming?

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