Thanks for joining me! Being active every day is so helpful for the mind and body. Our mental emotional health is extremely important! Please be active with your kids daily! Get outside in the fresh air. Play a game, have a race, try out a new activity. I hope to provide supports and resources to […]

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Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a great game for all ages. I grew up playing bocce ball at my grandparents with my cousins. Caution, if you have dogs, watch playing bocce ball with the real balls. They are heavy and the dogs should NOT try to catch one. Little family joke there. Equipment: A object to throw […]

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Chinese Hops

Equipment needed: 4-10 objects you can hop over. Sticks, blocks, socks, what ever works for your environment. Check out the video to see how to play.

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Deck Fitness

Equipment needed: A deck of playing cards, and music if you choose. Determine what exercise each suite is going it connect to. Make a sign or a poster to help the kids remember. Example: Hearts = Jumping Jacks Clubs – push ups / wall push ups Diamonds – Invisible Jump Ropes Spades – Squats When […]

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Chinese Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope – You need a strip of elastic tied in a circle. You can use a set of chair legs or two chairs if you don’t have 3 people. Doing “Skinny american” with chairs can happen if you rotate the chair clockwise pulling the elastic band closer together. Kids love this in class […]

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Smash Ball

Needed Equipment: A Ball, minimum of 2 people, a chalk circle / rope circle / hula hoop. If you have big age differences in kids have one bounce a big ball to have a young child catch, have the little child bounce a bouncy ball for the older kids to catch. Click the link to […]

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Go for a family walk

When the weather is nice a good family walk lifts everyone’s spirits. Our family moto is there is not bad weather just bad clothing. I was raised in Michigan where we went out for recess when temperatures were above zero! I also had a very active outside childhood. If you have young ones like us, […]

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Aerobics and Stretching

Join in with your kids for a quick 3 minutes of aerobics. This one is an oldie but my students got warmed up and tired every time. Maybe they can do the video two times in a row?. Give it a try! When your done take a second to stretch with the next video. Enjoy

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