Chinese Hops

Equipment needed: 4-10 objects you can hop over. Sticks, blocks, socks, what ever works for your environment. Check out the video to see how to play.

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Chinese Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope – You need a strip of elastic tied in a circle. You can use a set of chair legs or two chairs if you don’t have 3 people. Doing “Skinny american” with chairs can happen if you rotate the chair clockwise pulling the elastic band closer together. Kids love this in class […]

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Smash Ball

Needed Equipment: A Ball, minimum of 2 people, a chalk circle / rope circle / hula hoop. If you have big age differences in kids have one bounce a big ball to have a young child catch, have the little child bounce a bouncy ball for the older kids to catch. Click the link to […]

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